249 Pink-Cheeks!

Pink-Cheek Pints 2014 was a HUGE hit!

On February 5th, 2014, the temperature reached a low of -14 degrees. Marking the coldest day of the year, Little Man Ice Cream gave out pints of ice cream, gelato, and sorbet for only $1! The last-minute promotion allowed its customers to get popular flavors such as Space Junkie and Salted Oreo from the hours of 8PM and 9PM. “There were cars lined-up at least two blocks up the street and the parking lot was full. It was FREEZING outside, I couldn’t believe that so many people came out even though it was below zero” explained Patrick Garrett, Shift Leader at Little Man Ice Cream.  In just one hour, a total of 249 pints were scooped—customers were limited to one pint per person.  So, why in the heck did they do this? Well, why not explained owner Paul Tamburello: “Most ice cream shops close their doors early when the weather gets rough. We try to keep our windows open at all times, no matter what. No, we didn’t make any money selling pints for only one dollar, but we allowed our employees and customers to have fun and it created some marketing for us; it creates community.”Little Man runs its “Pink-Cheek Pints” special randomly once a year.

Little Man tends to conduct creative, grass-root marketing promotions often on its social media outlets.  Management leveraged the powers of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email blasts to get the word out about its Pink-Cheek special.  Be sure to follow Little Man online, you just may end up in line at the most bizarre of times—but trust us, you won’t regret it!