Little Man Ice Cream Catering Menu



16th Street Chocolate: chocolate base with homemade brownies and a fudge swirl

Cookie Dough: molasses base with homemade cookie dough (does not contain eggs) and chocolate chunks

Mint Chip (GF): white mint base with chocolate chunks

Espresso Fudge (GF): espresso base with flecks of roasted coffee grounds and a fudge swirl

Salted Oreo: salted vanilla base with oreo pieces


Vanilla Bean (GF)

Chocolate (GF)

Strawberry (GF)

Banana Pudding: banana custard base with vanilla wafers (contains eggs)

Creme Brulee (GF): vanilla french custard base with homemade honeycomb


Chocolate Salted Oreo: salted coconut and soy milk base with oreo pieces

Maple Oat Milk Latte: oat milk base

Vanilla (GF): coconut and soy milk base


Sorbet (Dairy Free):

Strawberry Lemonade (GF)

Lemon lavender Poppy Seed (GF)

If you’re not seeing a flavor you like, contact us about your event and we can see what we can do.

(GF) = Gluten Free