Little Man Ice Cream Catering Menu



16th St. Chocolate: chocolate base with homemade brownies and a fudge swirl

Purple Cow (GF): Black Raspberry base with black and white chocolate chips

Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cup (GF): A salted caramel ice cream with crushed Reese’s cup pieces

Buttermilk Cupcake: A buttermilk-based ice cream with chocolate and yellow cake bites and rainbow sprinkles

Salty O: Salted vanilla base with Oreo pieces


Vanilla Bean (GF): True vanilla base with vanilla flakes

Chocolate (GF): Rich dark and milk chocolate

Strawberry (GF): Sweet and tart blended strawberries

Mexican Chocolate (GF): A chocolate ice cream with a cinnamon and cayenne kick

Cookie Dough: Molasses base with homemade cookie dough and chocolate chunks

Creme Brule (GF): Vanilla French custard base with homemade honeycomb

Mint Chip (GF): White Peppermint base with dark chocolate flakes


Chocolate Salty O: Salted chocolate soymilk base with Oreo pieces

Horchata(GF): An almond and rice milk-based ice cream with brown sugar and cinnamon

Coffee Chip (GF): A soy and almond milk-based ice cream with our coffee extract, roasted coffee grounds and chocolate chips


Strawberry Lemonade (GF): Strawberries blended with lemon juice to recreate a classic childhood treat!

Blackberry Pineapple (GF): A refreshing blend of blackberries and pineapples

Coconut Lime (GF): Creamy coconut and tart lime juice combine for a very tropical sorbet

If you’re not seeing a flavor you like, contact us about your event and we can see what we can do.




Chocolate Sauce

Raspberry Sauce



Chocolate Chips

Oreo Pieces

Whipped Cream
(classic or vegan)

Cookie Dough

Sliced Almonds



Add Ons

Sugar Cones – $0.50/each
(multiples of 10)

Waffle Cones – $1.50/each
(multiples of 5)

Root Beer Floats – $3/person


(GF) = Gluten Free