Full Service Catering

Little Man Ice Cream guarantees to make your event special! 

Thank you for your interest in LMIC catering your special event! Prices are based on the number of guests, the location of the event, and hours of service.

See if we fit with your needs. In order to book, submit an estimate form, and our catering management will respond with the next steps. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our services!

Do you have an event with less than 50 people? Not interested in a fully catered event, but want to surprise and delight your guests with Little Man Ice Cream and Novelties?


  • All service options include ice cream, cups, spoons, and napkins!
  • Select your favorite flavors from our
    catering menu!
  • We will recommend the quantity of ice cream based on the guest count.
  • We offer additional services with Toppings Bar and Bike Display
  • 1 to 2 hours of service is standard for most types of events.
  • You can change these details based on what suits your event best.
  • We will provide an initial estimate and are able to make adjustments to service after your event date is booked.

Topping Bar

  • Top off your treats with a wide variety of options!
  • We offer both classic and premium toppings.
  • Select one of the Premium Packages in our Estimate Tool to see pricing

Little Man Nostalgic
Ice Cream Service

As a part of our nostalgic ice cream service Little Man utilizes a unique cooler component known as our “bike display.” 

The dimensions of the bike display are: 3.5’ wide by 7’ long and does not fit through most standard doorways. We will require access to double doors when serving inside.


Thank you for your interest in Little Man Ice Cream’s catering program! We have recently restructured, please read the following thoroughly. We will be happy to accommodate any event of 50 people or more. If you do have less than 50 people and still want full service catering, please list this in the additional notes section below.

The following is the minimum estimate for full service catering events. In addition to the total amount, a 5% Service Fee Administrative and logistics to bring the treats and sweets to you! and 18% GratuityGratuity only for the team serving your event! will be added to the total before taxes. Taxes may vary, depending on the location of your event. For events over two hours of service, additional labor fees may apply. For longer distance events, additional travel time fees may apply.

We are happy to provide a discount to veterans and active duty military members.
Still have questions? Contact us at events@littlemanicecream.com