Craft Beer Ice Cream Week 2016!

Craft Beer Week at Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream is pleased to once again host its 2nd annual Craft Beer Week this March 11-18th! For the past 3 years Little Man has collaborated with some of Colorado’s best craft breweries to develop a selection of beer-infused ice creams for a week-long celebration of Colorado’s thriving craft beer industry. Each year Little Man chooses a selection of the most innovative beers from the best breweries in Colorado, and uses them as a base for its homemade ice cream.

This year’s selection features beers from rising stars in the independent brewing world like Spangalang Brewing Company, as well as neighborhood favorites Prost and Diebolt brewing companies. This year Little Man is also proud to feature an ice cream made with one of Colorado’s most iconic and nationally respected beers: Blue Moon Belgian White.

Straight from the creative minds at Little Man’s kitchen, this year’s flavor selection will feature:

Spangalang Caramel Nightwalker

Blue Moon Orange

Prost Banana Bread

Diebolt Porter Fudge

These 4 flavors will be available individually, or all together in a “flight” that allows you to sample them all at once.  

It is Little Man’s pleasure to be able to bring this selection of locally sourced flavors from Colorado’s proud brewing heritage into the world of ice cream.  The best part? These ice creams are actually 100% alcohol free! The alcohol content is cooked off making these unique flavors accessible to customers of all ages!

Swing by Little Man Ice Cream and indulge your inner brew master by sampling all our craft beer flavors during this once-a-year only event!