Little Man expands to West Colfax/Sloan’s Lake!

Construction Progress on the “Little Man Ice Cream Factory”

Since opening in 2008, Little Man Ice Cream has been producing ice cream in a small Victorian home just up the street from the popular ‘milk can’ location. After eight years of constant growth, Little Man has finally outgrown this humble facility, as demand for their homemade ice cream has skyrocketed. In 2018 Little Man Ice Cream will be opening a brand new ice cream production facility- dubbed “The Little Man Ice Cream Factory”- to help meet its current production needs and to facilitate the company’s growth and expansion.

Following the opening of the kitchen, the Little Man Ice Cream Factory will be open for the public to visit (expected 2019), and will feature a variety of interactive experiences that engages customers in the ice cream production process. Building off of Colorado’s iconic brewery tour and tasting room concepts, the Factory will invite customers to come witness the ice cream production process first-hand, and to indulge in their sweet tooth with one of Little Man’s scratch-made treats. Little Man hopes that visitors will leave having witnessed the love and dedication that Little Man pours into all of its products.

Additionally, the Factory will serve as a retail front where customers can purchase Little Man Ice Cream products. Central to this retail front will be a tasting room where customers can order “flights” that feature multiple different ice cream flavors, as well as classic scoops, sundaes, and shakes. The space will also feature grab-and-go pint freezers, as well as a swag display with Little Man merchandise and memorabilia for sale.

Most importantly, the new Factory will have 10-times the production capacity of their current kitchen. With new opportunities for growth ramping up, this increased production capacity will ensure that Little Man can meet increasing demand while also laying the groundwork for successful expansion.  

Located at the corner of Colfax and Tennyson, the Factory will be imbedded in the vibrant and growing West Colfax neighborhood of Denver. With the re-development of the Saint Anthony’s hospital district, three new light rail stations and multiple other housing projects, West Colfax is set to become one of Denver’s most desirable places to live. Little Man is extremely excited to join this unique community as both the company and neighborhood are poised for growth.

As with its storefront location in the Lower Highlands, Little Man Ice Cream’s commitment to community-driven development will continue to play a central role in the Factory. The Factory will support the company’s philanthropic efforts– like its Scoop for Scoop program- through increased ice cream production and sales.  Furthermore, the Little Man team hopes that the Little Man Ice Cream Factory will also serve as an important community icon and gathering place for the residents of West Colfax and beyond. 

As of summer 2018, the core and shell construction phase of the Factory is completed and the production kitchen is in full swing.  Doors will open to the public in 2019. The Little Man Ice Cream Factory is available for private event rentals now. For details email

Check out some renderings for the concept, below:

ColfaxRedit3   ColfaxRedit2ColfaxRedit1