Mayor’s Design Award

Mayor’s Design Awards reflect eclectic urban elegance

mayors-awardOwner: Paul Tamburello

Category: Wild card

Why it’s cool: Part sculpture, part building, patrons enjoy ice cream served from a design based on a 1928-vintage style cream can. Little Man Ice Cream is pure nostalgia nestled in the 21st century.


Buildings that beckon: Extraordinary curb appeal

Reclaimed splendor: Adaptive reuse of space or materials

Wicked little details: Uncommon design details and the creative use of materials

Density by design: Redevelopment projects that strategically increase housing and employment densities

Home is where the art is: Extraordinary contributions to the residential environment

It’s easy being green: Buildings or sites that incorporate sustainable or green building principles

Wild card: Any gesture that makes our city interesting, provocative and memorable

Oh, pioneers: Celebrates adventurous members of the community who take good design to new frontier…read full article.

Here’s a link to view the program from the award ceremony.