Little Man Ice Cream was built on a belief: a belief that business exists to make a difference. Since the day we opened for business we have made giving back a part of who we are. Little Man’s Scoop for Scoop Program is how YOU are helping us make that difference.

For every scoop of ice cream purchased, Little Man matches that scoop with a donated scoop of rice, beans, or other essentials to a community in need anywhere around the world. To date, Little Man has delivered to communities in 9 countries spread across 4 different continents. Scoop for Scoop missions directly send our employees to volunteer their time and talents, or partners with reputable organizations already engaged on the ground. In every project, we seek to build relationships with local communities that foster trust, mutual understanding, and a commitment to always being a force for good. All goods are purchased in local markets, which ensures that we are contributing to local economies. All projects target their assistance towards the community’s most vulnerable (children, the elderly, women), ensuring that aid is given to people who are in the greatest need.

Scoop for Scoop has helped to feed thousands of the world’s malnourished and hungry since Little Man opened in 2008. Whether through one-time missions following disasters or long-standing commitments to build up food resiliency, Scoop for Scoop is there to help the worlds vulnerable regardless of their circumstances. 

Learn more about Scoop for Scoop and see how making a difference has never tasted so good by watching the video below…

Scoops of Rice & Beans Served Since 2008