Scoop for Scoop in Uganda!

Since 2014, Little Man Ice Cream has supported a variety of different feeding programs in Uganda through its Scoop for Scoop program. Read the latest on what Little Man has been doing there!

As one of the cornerstones of Little Man Ice Cream’s business model, the Scoop for Scoop program has allowed the company to give back nearly 1.5 million scoops worth of rice, beans, and other staple foods to communities around the world since opening in 2008. For the past two years Little Man has been proud to partner with two small non-profit organizations based in Colorado that work in communities throughout the east African country of Uganda to help bring hunger relief. The organizations- Far Away Friends Uganda and ROWAN- were both started and operated by Colorado locals who were inspired to make a difference in the lives of people they met while volunteering in Uganda. When the two organizations approached Little Man about having Scoop for Scoop support their work, Little Man was excited to be a part of two grassroots efforts to build sustainable change for the people of Uganda.

Far Away Friends supports the education of children at their recently constructed Global Leaders Primary School in Namasale village in northern Uganda. Namasale is one of Uganda’s least educated districts, and Far Away Friends has spent several years working to build the first local private primary school to help supplement the inadequate public education system. Since 2014, Little Man has supported Far Away Friends through sponsoring a school lunch program for the children of Namasale. Scoop for Scoop funds have helped to ensure that the children of Namasale has a consistent and reliable lunches that would otherwise not be possible for their families to provide. Additionally, during a fundraiser on National Ice Cream Day in 2015, Little Man was able to raise enough money to fully fund the construction of a grain and vegetable garden at Global Leaders Primary School. The garden will be used as a means of educating children on how to plant and raise their own crops, while also serving as a source of supplemental food for the school lunch program.

The Rural Orphans Widows Aid Network (ROWAN) serves nearly 30 different villages in Eastern Uganda through economic empowerment and community building. Targeting the widows and children of AIDS victims in the region, ROWAN helps to ensure that the women and children they serve receive the care and support they need. Since most of ROWANS adult beneficiaries are HIV+ themselves, it is critical that they receive proper nutrition to supplement their medication. Since 2014, Little Man Ice Cream has supported a Saturday food program at their community center aimed at increasing their health and wellbeing. The food program includes 2 meals on Saturdays for 130 children at the center, as well as the provision of bags of food for 100 families to take home for the rest of the week.

Little Man Ice Cream’s sustained contribution to these commendable organizations is all part of its commitment to make a difference both at the local and global levels. Since 2014, Little Man has invested over $8000 to support these two organizations and their feeding programs.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the loyal support of our customers. Every ice cream purchase at Little Man helps us to be able to support people like those who you see here in Uganda. Check out some of the photos below to see the faces of the people who you’re are helping to feed and empower through these Ugandan projects!


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